SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization is in boom today as it is the need of the hour. Every business needs to go online in order to survive in the cutthroat competitive market. Because customers prefer obtaining information about products through internet and then they take the purchase decision, companies have to provide information about their products on their website. Even for getting consultation for medical advice, people are taking their decisions on the basis of healthcare SEO on digital platform. But, there are several websites available offering similar products and services and if you want to be noticed first by the users, you must implement SEO techniques.




SEO service is the service given by SEO service providers by utilizing the practice of search engine optimization in order to increase the number of visitors to the website by obtaining getting high ranks on search engines. Generally, businesses hire SEO service providers to improve their organic search engine rankings.

SEO services ensure that your website is found on search engines easily and enhances the chances that it will be ranked higher. SEO service providers provide numerous packages and alternatives for search engine optimization that range from one-time charges for small sites to monthly subscriptions for continuous SEO efforts and support.




A very common question that arises to an individual is what is SEO?  What does SEO Company do? The answer for the same is very simple, whenever a question or doubt comes to an individual’s mind; they just simply press the keywords in the search engine to know the best-associated answer for the same. Within seconds, the search engine flashes a list before them. Did you ever noticed or even wondered how the list is prepared by the search engine? This is done based on the priority given by the search engine to user relevance. All the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Duck Duck GO have primary search results, where web pages, images and other content such as videos are shown and ranked which are completely based on what the following search engine considers the data which is relevant to the users. If you want your name to appear on the top of the list, contact Solutions as the best SEO Company in Sri Lanka, the results will be having more visitors to your web page. The use of strategies, techniques, and tactics used for prioritizing you on the search engines is known as SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. This happens ‘organically’ hence no payment gets involved for the same. The higher a website ranks in the organic results of a search engine, greater is the chance that your website will be visited by a user. Thus, you may see many SEO companies coming up in the market.  There is a list of complete guide while hiring a SEO Company that can help you to opt for the best service provider in the market.




  • Higher ranking on search engines – The foremost advantage of SEO service is that your website gets higher ranking on search engines. With efficient SEO services, you can get to the top of Google ranking. This is the most significant part of every business because just having superior quality products or services is not sufficient; your potential customers should find you easily on the search engines. SEO service helps to rank your website higher on search engines due to which when users search for a similar product or service like yours, they will find you and get converted into your customers. They provide you the ideas to choose keywords for your website.
  • Higher Brand Credibility – People have a huge trust on Google. Therefore, when they search something on Google, they believe that the company website that comes first on Google is the most reputed and trustworthy company. Thus, SEO makes your company famous and increases your brand credibility.
  • Increase in Traffic – Using various SEO tools and techniques, your website will definitely experience increase in its traffic and thus maximizes the company’s business efforts. SEO services show rapid and efficient results in increasing the traffic to your website which maximizes your inquiries. SEO services also help companies to increase their sales by providing marketing tips for business.
  • Admired among competitors – Today, every business has realized that SEO services certainly help in increasing sales. Therefore, SEO is gaining large acceptance and admiration among all the companies. Even the small business SEO is becoming influential in generating high revenue. Competitors also avail SEO services and enjoy their benefits. If a specific company is offering superior products and services than its competitor but not doing SEO, it may not appear on top on the search engine.
  • Take business to new level – SEO services attract numerous visitors towards high ranked websites. This leads to expansion of a company to a bigger web server as the increased traffic needs to be lodged. Thus, business is prospered and thus SEO is a great investment for every business. SEO services help the company to take its business to the next level. It is a simple digital tool that explains how to turn your website into sales machine.
  • Cost-effective marketing – SEO is one of the most cost-effective and reasonable marketing strategies. SEO is your own 24-hour marketing team dedicated to your company. You just have to manufacture your products or produce the services and rest is done by the SEO. SEO ensures your products/services reach potential customers and turn them into buyers.



  • Time-saving – We at  provide you time-intensive SEO services. Our SEO service is a continuous process that needs several hours of research, optimization and maintenance. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who will be dedicated to your brand setting you free to focus on your business.
  • Cost-effective – provides cost-effective and lucrative SEO service. We offer our vigorous team and resources at a lower cost than it would need to maintain in-house team of yours. In this way, we offer SEO services at a reasonable cost.
  • Expertise – has a team of SEO professionals who are skilled, experienced and experts in their fields. They are equipped to handle particular situations and have a focus and excel in SEO area to deliver best results to you. We understand the importance for title-tags for images in SEO blog and offer the unique and fresh content for the same.
  • Experience – comhave experience with a wide range of clients and industries and we have a solid understanding of the strategies that work best. We have already gone through trial and error and thorough testing across various business landscapes, we have a huge experience in this field and know very well how to drive results. We have already helped our previous customers with first page Google ranking services. We have a sound experience of providing SEO services to dynamic websites too.
  • Efficiency – has an efficient team of SEO professionals who can effectively develop SEO strategy and implement it with guaranteed SEO for you. As we will be continuously working on your website, we will update your content time-to-time and make any urgent changes if required immediately.
  • Safety – provides safe SEO services for your business because we know the SEO in and out. We are aware that SEO can be very risky as it may open doors for penalties, spam and hacking. So, we know very well how to avoid any negative consequences and keep your website ranked higher on search engines safely.



  • Your website looks extremely attractive and appealing with proper website promotion.
  • The content on your website is user-friendly and SEO–friendly.
  • Your website gets more and more clicks and is admired by the users as well as competitors.
  • You will see increase in traffic to your website.
  • The conversion ratio of your business increases.
  • Your brand value and credibility increases.
  • Your website gets high ranking on search engines.
  • You will see your sales increasing and thereby ROI maximizing.



SEO has survived so long and it is flourishing to a greater extent. Various studies show companies are spending billions of dollars on SEO and the amount is increasing day by day. SEO industry is growing impulsively and it will continue to grow till the users end. But end of users is not at all possible. There are many factors that are to be kept in mind to know what to do for employee retention in your business. Online users are also increasing with leaps and bounds every second. Customers prefer shopping online and online shoppers are increasing day by day. Even in start up ventures, Leave and attendance outsourcing is essential for start up to sustain in the market. We are active in guiding you in your every thick and thin. Therefore, there is a huge future scope for SEO services.

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Most Popular Questions

Which kind of website, Dynamic or Static?

Small businesses usually prefer a static website because they are easier to make and costs cheap. These websites use only HTML and CSS and can manage about 20 pages maximally. Dynamic website is preferred by large businesses since it can incorporate company logos, added menus and other stuff very well. These websites uses scripting along with HTML and CSS.

What is a Ecommerce website?

E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internet. These business transactions occur either as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-business. The terms e-commerce and e-business are often used interchangeably. The term e-tail is also sometimes used in reference to transactional processes for online shopping

What is a responsive website?

A website that can be accessed smoothly from any device right from a large screen desktop to a small screen smartphone is referred to as a responsive website.

What services can be beneficial for your website?

In order to make you look attractive on internet and drive traffic to your website, you will need the following gamut of services:

1. Website Design Services
2. Website Revamping Services
3. Website Content Development Services

If you want to get the real benefits of going online, you can also choose for

1. Digital Marketing Services
2. SEO services
3. SMO services
4. Paid Campaigns

Is SEO and Digital Marketing same?

No! SEO, i.e., Search Engine Optimization is a strategy that helps in effective digital marketing. SEO can be said as a base of digital marketing.

Do we provide documentation for the project?

Yes! After having studied your entire project, if required by the client, we provide documentation for the project in various formats that include MS Word, PDF, etc.

How is digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

The traditional marketing methods have limits in terms of accessibility, outreach, cost, data analysis, etc. Digital marketing, on the other hand, extends your outreach and takes you directly to the global platform in less time. The ease of marketing, the time-cost efficiency, real-time data analysis, etc. makes digital marketing the preferred choice over traditional marketing.

Do we share project milestones with the client?

Yes! We love to do that since this helps to build confidence in the client.

Do we have online payment options?

Yes! Being a part of the digital world, we provide that option to you and you can make payments through online mode.

Do you provide 24 X 7 support?

Yes! We love to serve you 365X24X7 for any technical or non-technical matters.

Do you have hidden costs?

No! Once we have explained a particular service that is being demanded by you, we place our price before you and then you have to pay for that only.

Do you provide Maintenance Services/ AMC?

Yes! We do provide Maintenance Services. For the first year, there will be no charge and after one year, we can provide it on demand.

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